Breaking the record for the largest amount of zombies on camera seems to be the done thing when it comes to games publicity.

In October 2008, the GameCity festival took the prize for the most rotting flesh, with 1,227 participants in front of Nottingham town hall.

Now Tecmo Koei is looking to go at least one better in support of its Undead Knights PSP game.

So, in conjunction with FILM4's upcoming mockumentary I Spit On Your Rave, which charts a behind-the-scenes look at the first post-apocalypse zombie music festival, it will be attempting to prise that world record from the cold, dead hands of GameCity.

However, the time and location - at The Big Chill festival in deepest Herefordshire on the 6th August - is fairly specific.

Still, if you want to join in, you'll be in good company as Noel Fielding will be leading the assembled cry for Brainnnnnnnnnnnns, and the on-site zombification stations will ensure you don't look out of place.

As for Undead Knights, which is a surprisingly enjoyable and fairly silly, gorefest brawler, that should be out in the UK in early 2010.