It’s been a mixed year for Nintendo, with its continued dominance of the video game industry darkened somewhat by the underwhelming release of the DSi, which many believe was rushed to market to combat the growing threat of the iPhone.

There’s also the persistent accusation from certain corners that it's sold its soul for a casual buck (better make that a billion).

E3 2009 is Nintendo’s chance to reassure its millions of fans that its not going soft(er) on them, and to assuage our fears that DSi is bit of a dud.

This year’s press conference kicks off at 17:00 GMT today, so check back here then if you want all the juicy DS and DSi announcements as they happen.

We've had the request to turn off all mobile phones, which I've done. Despite being thousands of miles away. Well, you have to get into the swing of things...

So what'll it be? New Mario? New Zelda? Some decent games for DSi?

We're off with some footage of a load of Ninty games and improbably good looking models. "Everybody's Game", it says. And here's Cammy Dunaway.

Stats say last year videogames were bigger than everything, she says. "Everybody's Game", she says. Ah, we see what they've done there.

She's talking about the icon of gaming. Whoever could that be? Montage of Mario's best games follows. Cammy says they can't figure out how to get Mario into the 4th dimension. It seems that New Super Mario Bros for the Wii is the answer.

It looks like New Super Mario Bros on the DS, but in multiplayer. Four execs come on and show it off.

Having been pounded at Mario, Cammy regains her composure to talk about Wii Fit. It's done rather well, in case you hadn't noticed.

It's Wii Fit Plus. Lots of extra customisable exercises it seems. Yes yes, but where's the mini Wii Fit board for the DS? We need to exercise our fingers while on the move. Any takers?

Here's Reggie, here to kick faces and take your money. Or something.

He's on about Wii Motion Plus, which offers you greater precision with your Wii (pfffff). Sorry.

Half an hour in, and nothing on DS/DSi yet. Patience, dear reader...

They're showing the Wii Motion Plus system in action now with Wii Sports Resort, first with a sky-diving game, then an archery game.

Ah, painfully 'unplanned' banter as Reggie takes on Bill at Wii basketball. You guys!

More third party games were sold for Wii last years then any other system, and guess what came second? The DS!

Square Enix will be bringing a new DS-only entrant to the Kingdom Hearts series on September 29th. Looks nice!

Next up: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, the latest Mario RPG title, will be out on DS in "the fall". Yep, you get to control Bowser.

More good news for RPG fans - Golden Sun DS is coming! It's looking very nice indeed, with an all-new 3D engine.

Cammy's back to announce Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion on DS. It's a casual title aimed at the James Patterson novel-reading crowd. Ladies, we presume.

Cop: The Recruit is coming from Ubisoft. It looks like a very polished adventure game, with car chases, boat chases, foot chases... probably a number of other chases.

Some other game aimed at 10 year old girls. I didn't pick up on this, as I was daydreaming about Golden Sun DS. Sorry.

1million DSis sold. Footage of a carefully selected cross section of society saying it's ace. "I'm an on-the-go person and the DS is an on-the-go piece of kit" says one lady. Or words to that effect.

Cammy's on about user generated content now. Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again will let you design your own levels from the ground up.

Wario Ware D.I.Y. will allow you to do the same thing, only for a new Wario Ware game. Obviously. Oh, and you'll be able to share them, obviously.

Zelda Spirit Tracks! It's playable on the show floor, apparently. Taxi!

Here's Iwata. He's talking about the market for gamers. Nintendo divide people into gamers, non-gamers and maybes. There are 295 million people in Japan, the U.S. and Europe that play console games. There are 149million that might play. He says there's a long way to go in terms of growing the market.

He's talking about the tricky balance between appeasing the hardcore fans and appealing to the 'maybes'

He refers to the Mario Kart Wii launch, which bundled a wheel peripheral, as the way to go to attract new players. The Wii board and Motion Plus are others.

Is he building towards and apology to faithful Nintendo gamers? A new DS metroid? A new mario? Ooh, pilotwings! Ah. No. He announces a thing you stick your finger into, which measures you 'well being'. Right

Cammy's back... there WILL be a new Mario! Looks like a sequel to Mario Galaxy on Wii. It won't fit in your pocket, but it will make you happy. If you have a Wii. And who doesn't?

Yep, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Looks like the first one, but with added Yoshi.

Reggie's back to announce some third-party titles with a grittier edge. Some clips are shown of a bunch of shooty Wii games, including a new Resident Evil blaster.

And what do you know - a new Metroid for Wii. This time with the help of the celebrated Team Ninja. looks like it'll be more of a third person affair this time. It'll be subtitled Other M.

That's yer lot. A few tasty DS and DSi treats to chew on. See you!