Okay, so this might not be groundbreaking mobile gaming news, but it’s just too awesome to ignore.

Over on the PlanetJune.com craft blog there’s a brand new post detailing how to make your own plush lemmings using a style of Japanese crocheting known as amigurumi.

The creator of these awesome soft toys, June Gilbank, is clearly a long time fan of the suicidal rodent game, and shows you how to make walkers, blockers, floaters, miners and builders - complete with wild green reggae hair and all the tools of their puzzle-solving trades.

Lemmings has consistently delighted us on every pocket platform it’s appeared on, including mobile (and both its sequels), and PSP. Now all we need is an iPhone version.

A handy hint to any crafty, non-gaming partners out there – these would make the perfect gift for any retro gamer that you’re totally stuck to buy for. Guaranteed nostalgia points for providing a wicked Lemmings diorarma like this.

There are three posts involving these gorgeous knitted Lemmings, so go check 'em out: 1, 2 and 3.