Sorry Metal Gear Solid Mobile, but we saw you coming a mile off. Well what did you expect? You stick out like a sore thumb, what with your brilliant graphics and sparkling gameplay.

Other than Konami’s brutal disposal of Asphalt 3, this week’s chart is pretty similar to last week, with FIFA 09 holding firm in fourth spot like Claude Makelele anchoring a midfield. Oh, and Tetris has fought back to retake the top spot from World Series of Poker. Perhaps they should just form a breakaway super league and be done with it.

Next week we can look forward to the battle of the big ‘uns, as Resident Evil: Degeneration takes on Metal Gear Solid Mobile in the battle to be Christmas number one.

The Top 5 N-Gage chart (w/e December 14th)

1. Tetris (EA)
2. World Series of Poker (Glu)
3. Metal Gear Solid Mobile (Konami)
4. FIFA 09 (EA)
5. Café Solitaire 12-Pack (Digital Chocolate)