Remember how last month we told you TrackMania DS had been delayed by a month and would be arriving sometime in November?

No? Well, we did.

But there wasn't a firm date announced then – and now there is. TrackMania DS (which, going on its list of features and how good the PC games were, could be one of the best DS racing games yet) will be hitting shops on November 21st.

Alan Wild, international product manager at Ascaron Entertainment gushes: "If ever a game deserved to be the new craze, TrackMania is that game.

"Words don't do the game justice… literally. Play it, and you'll be hooked. Therein lies the TrackMania ethos. This is gaming as it's meant to be."

This man is clearly wasted at Ascaron – he's easily enthusiastic enough to take over Keith Chegwin's slot on This Morning.

Let's just hope he's right to be this enthused. We'll all find out when the track-building racing game is released next month.