It seems Square Enix could be set to remake its SNES role-playing game Chrono Trigger for DS. According to scans from the latest Japanese magazine Famitsu and as reported by Eurogamer, the game is being reworked for the handheld and will be released in Japan at some point in the future.

Further evidence comes from a countdown site featuring a big clock which is counting down to something - possibly an E3 announcement. The website URL ends with the abbreviation 'ctds', which is the only indication it actually refers to Chrono Trigger for DS.

Chrono Trigger is an RPG released by Square on SNES back in 1995. It was widely regarded as a great game but never saw a release outside of Japan. If a DS version is confirmed then who knows if it will come out here. No doubt we'll find out a bit more once that clock has finishing ticking.

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