Whatever you think about grown adults dressing up as Pluto, Donald and Minnie, you have to agree Disney Corp knows its target audience.

Even with the hot breath of Pokémon breathing down its neck, Disney has announced that by the end of April, it will have shipped more than 700,000 copies of its own monster training and battling game Spectrobes around the globe. Not bad, considering it was released in mid-March.

Disney is particularly highlighting the game's European performance. In Germany and Holland, Spectrobes is apparently the top-selling DS games bar none; in France, it's only been outsold by games developed by Nintendo. In the UK, it's been a similar story, with only Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and New Super Mario Bros consistently outselling it in the DS charts.

"Spectrobes has quickly become a global phenomenon and has consistently been among the top-selling Nintendo DS titles since its launch," said Craig Relyea, Disney Interactive's vice president of marketing, who also hinted at sequels to come. "We look forward to growing Spectrobes as a Disney franchise and providing more content for the increasing number of Spectrobes fans worldwide," he said.

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