With the Silent Hill movie opening in UK cinemas next week, disturbing news has come to light regarding a PSP version of the original video game.

It's somewhat odd to realise how rarely psychological terror has appeared in video games – plenty of shock and gore, sure, but few titles displaying the subtlety of theme and execution required to really make your skin crawl. Yet the medium is perfectly suited to this style of experience.

Whatever the reason, it's not a complaint you can level at Konami who, since 1999, has been successfully delivering trauma in disc form with the genuinely disturbing Silent Hill franchise.

Now it's decided PSP players shouldn't sleep soundly at night either. The first Silent Hill title set to frighten the life out of your handheld's battery is, appropriately, a remake of the first in the series, originally released for the PlayStation.

In that game you play Harry, who after waking up following a crash finds the place he's in deserted, except for a police officer, Cybil, who's supposedly ridden into town to determine what's happened. But not all is at all as it seems, and before long you're neck deep in one of the most unsettling digital adventures ever created. (Oh, and did we mention much of it is spent in near darkness?)

How far the concept has been reworked for the PSP version is still unclear. But as soon as we've saved up enough cash for the subsequent therapy sessions, we'll bravely venture into Original Sin and relive the whole sorry ordeal here for your benefit.

(Incidentally, if you've already seen our news story on The Silent Hill Experience, you'll know that is a sort of interactive digital comic book franchise companion rather than a fully-fledged game.)

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