Infinite Scoop: iPad 3 with Lightning dock and global LTE to be shown alongside iPad mini

A weekly round-up of the juiciest Apple rumours

Infinite Scoop: iPad 3 with Lightning dock and global LTE to be shown alongside iPad mini

Each and every day, we have to sit at our desks in Pocket Gamer Towers and sort through hundreds of new - and often outlandish - iPhone and iPad rumours.

It's a bit of a boring job. But, we've had a brainwave.

Instead of reporting on every single rumour that we stumble across while surfing the interwebs, we're simply going to feature the juiciest (no pun intended) Apple-related tittle-tattle in a handy weekly round-up.

Sound good? Then read on.

In a faraway land

The iPad mini may be getting the majority of the internet's attention at the moment, but rumours related to other Apple gadgets are also doing the rounds.

Boy Genius Report has received photos of what is purported to be a Lightning dock connector from Apple's fourth-generation iPad, which will probably be launched in the spring.

Read all about it

French website iGen has discovered a reference to iBooks 3.0 in Apple's French iTunes Store.

Last week, we covered a rumour that suggests Apple's forthcoming iPad mini event will focus on iBooks rather than the tablet itself. This iBooks 3 reference could well corroborate this belief.

The price is right

9to5Mac believes that 12 varieties of Apple's heavily rumoured iPad mini will be announced on October 23rd. According to the website's sources, the base model will set you back "a minimum" of $329 in the US.

The most expensive model, which will boast both wi-fi and cellular connectivity, will possibly cost around $659.

Bigger Brother

If website Phone Arena is to be believed, Apple will showcase a refreshed third-gen iPad that boasts a Lightning dock alongside the iPad mini on October 23rd.

9to5Mac has stated that Apple may also include global LTE in this refreshed model, as well as an improved battery and newer processor.

One night in November

Apple will apparently begin to ship its iPad mini to eager customers on November 2nd.

"November 2 is the ship date we've heard today from a source close to Apple's supply chain, echoing an earlier report by Geeky Gadgets that that's the day the iPad mini will go on sale," TechCrunch has reported.

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