Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's new loot box system is a risky move

I guess it was only a matter of time . . .

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's new loot box system is a risky move

We thought we had it pretty easy in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp as far as in-app purchases go. The game’s premium currency helped speed things along, but otherwise it was easy enough to get what you wanted in good time. Nintendo shook things up this week, though, introducing loot boxes to their furriest of franchises.

Pocket Camp’s new loot boxes take the form of Fortune Cookies, which you can purchase with both bells and the game’s premium currency, Leaf Tickets. Fortune Cookies operate on a familiar gacha model. They’ll offer a random batch of clothing and furniture, while premium Fortune Cookies, which will cost you more leaf tickets, offer rare items.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp's Fortune Cookies

There’s another catch hidden in there, as well. Fortune Cookies hold more than just furniture and fashion. They also give you “stamps”, which you’ll need to access some of the items you’ll find in Fortune Cookies. All of that adds up to a lot of Leaf Tickets and, in turn, real world money spent.

Are you still plugging along in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? What do you think of the game's recent turn towards loot boxes? Let us know in the comments.