Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tips and tricks - Levelling up, and fast!

Make friends, earn furniture and level up super fast in this guide!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tips and tricks - Levelling up, and fast!

Levelling up in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is one of the most important aspects, as it’ll give you access to bigger camper vans, newer amenities and the best possible furniture.

If you’re not yet familiar with the best way to level up in Pocket Camp, just follow our advice here and you’ll soon see your level shooting up.

Affinity for friendship

The only real way to level up in Pocket Camp is making friends with all of the animal campers, and getting as close as possible to them.

When talking to campers, take note of their personalities and attempt to invite them to your campsite.

With the right furniture and some sweet talk, animals will soon become your best friends.

Just a request

Animals also have plenty of requests you can fulfil, which usually entail gathering fish, insects, shells, etc.

Fulfilling requests is good in general, you’ll get plenty of money and materials for doing it, but also, you’ll increase your friendship with the animals each time, which will top up the EXP needed to level up.

It’s good to talk

If animals are all out of requests, or even if they aren’t, just talk to them. Asking what’s up and listening to what they have to say will always fill the affinity between the two of you just a little.

This is helpful if you’ve already completed all the requests in a day, or if you can’t complete the request currently being offered to you.

It’s nice that being able to talk to them is here, because even if you’re really not bothered to go collecting for requests, you can still get friendly with the animals.

My amenities

When you upgrade your big tent back at your campsite, all of your animal pals will come round to celebrate your good fortune, and your relationship with all of them will greatly increase.

Seriously, they’ll love you for updating your tent, and you’ll quickly see yourself raise multiple levels at a time.

Amenities are important to animals, and if you’re looking to level fast, this is what you want to focus on.

Stay fully stocked

But of course, what you’ll be doing most regularly is fulfilling requests, and of course, the best way to do that is to stay fully stocked on absolutely everything.

Fish, bugs, shells, fruit, you should carry a decent supply of all of these in your pockets to easily fulfil animal requests.

Coming to animals with everything they already need is much faster than seeking it out each time - also, from the map, you can see which animal is in which area, and if they have a tick or check mark next to them, you’ve already got the requirements for their request filled!

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