Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats and tips - Everything you should know about Fortune Cookies and new features

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats and tips - Everything you should know about Fortune Cookies and new features

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has had loads of new animals, creatures and updates since it first launched, and the list just keeps getting bigger.

Though, whether or not that's a good thing or not is up for debate, seeing as many of the new features want to encourage you to cough up those precious, premium Leaf Tickets. Hmm.

Regardless, if you want to get stuck into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp again, here's a short list of the new features you can expect, in addition to wider support for more Android resolutions. Nice!

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Record catch

You've probably already noticed this - these days, every fish and insect you catch will have a recorded size, allowing you to break previous records.

It's actually quite a minor addition in the grand scheme of things, however it's very nice having that small sense of achievement that comes with outdoing your previous best, but the sizes of creatures only really factors into tournaments, where you compete to catch the largest creature.

Having said that, you can get used to the sizes of fish and how their silhouette looks in the water this way, at least.

Do you need anything?

Animals don't solely have requests now, and sometimes they'll have a speech bubble with an ellipsis above their head to indicate that they can be helped in some way. This differs slightly from the usual bubble they'll have, which just shows whatever items they want.

Now they might be in a mood, or need advice, and you can be there to offer it. Sometimes they might be a bit down and you can give them some flowers to cheer them up (aww!) and at other times, they'll ask what gifts they should buy other animals, and you can use your own animals knowledge to help.

It makes for a small, but welcome change of pace that gives items like flowers another new use instead of simply looking pretty.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

More amenities

That's right, more amenities to craft than ever! Although they can be difficult to get materials for, amenities look super cool in your campsite, which is why I welcome even more to get built.

When we first started playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp we had only four types of amenity to build, but now we have rustic, hip, harmonious and elegant amenities added to the mix.

You can make a Rustic Tent, Mush Tent, Harmonious Tent or an Elegant Fountain. We reckon the Harmonious line of amenities are a good look, but it's all up to your campsite's tastes.

Fortune cookies - rare furniture, high prices

Fortune cookies are going to be a big, divisive addition to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

They essentially act as loot boxes, and although the game has been fairly light and easy when it comes to monetisation elements thus far, this gives a big incentive to pay up. Namely, through furniture collections you can only acquire with premium currency.

Each fortune cookie from each set gives you a single, random, piece of furniture in addition to a fortune. You can buy or earn some fortune cookies as rewards, however if you want complete sets, it will demand leaf tickets.

As we've said before, Leaf Tickets are a premium currency and shouldn't be spent lightly. Though, each Leaf Ticket Fortune Cookie purchase you make gets a stamp added to your card for a free cookie. Though, is it worth it? We're going to say no. Avoid this section of the game, honestly.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Precious memories

A more interesting addition in the new scrapbook which you can take a look at by going to the "More" option at the bottom of the screen. The scrapbook will hold memories that you can create with animals under very specific circumstances.

Essentially, you need the animals listed in the memory description in your campsite, and then whatever specific piece of furniture that is required to trigger the memory.

That's how they get you though - many of the required pieces of furniture can be items from fortune cookies. Yep, that means unless you got a lucky draw, the game wants you to fork over cash to get these. Hmm.

Go for the ones you can, but don't get suckered in to paying the game all of your wages.