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Angry Birds 2 is out now on iOS and Android

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Angry Birds 2 is out now on iOS and Android
| Angry Birds 2
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The 15th Angry Birds game, Angry Birds 2, is out now on the iOS App Store and Android's Google Play. And it's free to download.

This one takes the series back to basics. You catapult birds at hastily-made buildings, in the hopes of knocking them down and popping all the pigs who live inside.

Everything has been given a huge visual upgrade with better animations and more impressive explosions. Plus, there are now boss fights, randomly generated levels, an online arena mode, and multi-screen stages.

Angry Birds 2

Watch out for the monetisation, though. You can buy power-ups, and extra birds if you fail at a stage. And if you mess up five times you'll need to wait for your hearts to regenerate, or pay up (or watch an ad) to keep playing.

We'll have more on Angry Birds 2 later today.