The Amazon Appstore for Android celebrates its 1st birthday

Amazon celebrates by slashing prices

The Amazon Appstore for Android celebrates its 1st birthday
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Grab your party hats: the Amazon Appstore for Android is officially 12 months old.

According to Amazon, its birthday boy now boasts around 31,000 apps for Google's mobile OS, which is a whopping 27,000 more applications than it carried the day the digital store launched. These apps have reportedly been downloaded "millions" of times.

Of those downloads, ZeptoLab's extremely addictive physics-puzzler Cut the Rope has proven the most popular. The ad-free version of Rovio's Angry Birds only managed second place.

These stats are all well and good, but Amazon's Appstore still isn't available outside of the US. Get a move on, guys.


Naturally, you can't have a birthday without a celebration. So, Amazon is offering special discounts on selected titles all week long.

"To thank customers for shopping with us, we worked closely with our developers to offer special discounts on some of the most popular apps all week long," Aaron Rubenson, Amazon's store director, said.

Head on over to the Amazon Appstore and nab yourself a deal. Well, if you live in the US, that is.

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