Rovio releases video and details of Amazing Alex ahead of July launch on iOS and Android

Heading to 'Windows' following iOS and Android release

Rovio releases video and details of Amazing Alex ahead of July launch on iOS and Android

Infamous Finnish-based developer Rovio has just updated its blog with a video and some details on forthcoming physics-puzzler Amazing Alex, which is expected to hit iOS and Android next month.

Much like in Casey's Contraptions, Amazing Alex sees you take on the role of a young whiz kid, who loves to create Rube Goldberg-esque machines and huge chain reactions in order to complete the simplest of tasks, such as cleaning his room.

Each of the puzzles you'll come up against in Amazing Alex have more than a single solution. If you manage to come up with an especially clever formula for mastering one of the game's puzzles, you can share it with your buddies.

And, speaking of sharing, Rovio's upcoming title will feature an in-built level editor, which will allow you to construct your own puzzles using 35 interactive objects, before posting them for the rest of the world to enjoy (or pull their hair out over).

The newly released video below doesn't feature any gameplay, but it does give you an extra look at Alex in action. Check that out and then head on over to Rovio's blog to grab a couple of free wallpapers.

Amazing Alex will be released for "Windows" (presumably Windows Phone) "shortly after" it's let loose on iOS and Android.

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