Playdek's farm-management boardgame Agricola will surface on the App Store next month

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Playdek's farm-management boardgame Agricola will surface on the App Store next month
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Though this may represent something of an oversimplification, it is possible to separate the vast range of boardgames into two distinct categories.

On the one hand, you have "Ameritrash" games. These are exciting; feature handfuls of dice; boast lots of cards, bits, figures, and big chunky playing boards; and contain art usually centred on explosions.

On the other hand, you have the European school of boardgaming. Boardgame titles from continental Europe generally feature farming, worker placement, and corn. Lots and lots of corn.

It's the latter type of boardgame that's really found a home on the App Store, with games like Stone Age, Catan, Carcassone, and Caylus leading the charge.

And pretty soon you'll be able to add Z-Man Games's Agricola to that list.

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Here's a game about being a farmer in the 17th Century. Sounds like a right barrel of laughs. Or a barrel of corn.

As you can see in the Agricola trailer above, you need to manage your farm, plant crops, build a big farmhouse to store all of your stuff in, and expand your farming family from two to a maximum of five.

Agricola is a vast, complex game with almost infinite replayability thanks to the minor tweaks and changes you can make during and before play.

The physical version of the game won the 2008 Spiel des Jahres (the German Game of the Year awards) for Best Complex Game. No, I didn't make that up. We also considered it one of the top ten boardgames we want on iOS and Android. Now.

If all of that sounds like your deep and many-flavoured cup of ale, then keep an eye on the App Store next month. That's because Agricola should be ploughing a path onto iOS devices in June.

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Harry Slater
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