The Pocket Gamer Free Game Advent Calendar: December 20th

Nab a gem

The Pocket Gamer Free Game Advent Calendar: December 20th
| 1001 Attempts

It was a bad decision to finish off that mulled wine last night, wasn't it?

Well, we all know there's only one thing that can lift you out of your festive stupor: a free game.

Behind Door 20, we have CookieBit's 1001 Attempts, winner of a PG Gold Award back at the start of the year.

At that time, we said: "A brilliant and beguilingly simple hardcore platformer, 1001 Attempts delivers more excitement in its bite sized blasts than most games could ever dream of."

So, try and recover your hand-eye coordination. You'll need it for that last day of work. Or just hide in the bog and have away at it. No one's really doing any work today, anyway.*

*Pocket Gamer does not advocate hiding in loo stalls all day playing games. You may be fired. No one will ask questions if you plug in your headphones and groan a lot, though.
Danny Russell
Danny Russell
After spending years in Japan collecting game developers' business cards, Danny has returned to the UK to breed Pokemon. He spends his time championing elusive region-exclusive games while shaking his fist at the whole region-locking thing.