ZombieSmash! gets massive new Camp Nowhere update

Another Campaign mode, more zombies, new weapons

ZombieSmash! gets massive new Camp Nowhere update
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It's been almost six weeks since it was first announced but finally the big Camp Nowhere update to Pocket Gamer Silver award winner ZombieSmash! is live.

Doubling the amount of gameplay, developer Gamedoctors say they think of it as a free sequel to their undead castle defence game that has you destroying zombies in increasingly imaginative ways.

Blow 'em up, start again

Camp Nowhere contains a second Campaign mode, which requires 30 days to survive, as well as providing new zombie types, including exploding, dynamite-strapped zombies, strong zombies, and a towering boss.

Good thing you'll have access to new weapons such as fireworks that launch zombies into the air for a spectacular finish, and a head inflation power that blows zombie heads up like balloons.

Going large

There's also support for Retina graphics, added parallax scrolling effects, 25 new Game Center achievements, and a major overhaul of the Sandbox, with the ability to zoom and move the scene and an improved zombie spawning menu.

Gamedoctors reveals it will be releasing ZombieSmash! Lite soon too.

ZombieSmash! for iPhone is out now and costs $99, €0.79 or 59p, while the HD iPad version is $1.99, €1.59 or £1.19.

And here's a gameplay trailer.

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