Kindle store gets its first indie game, Triple Town

Only available in the US

Kindle store gets its first indie game, Triple Town
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The arrival of Apple's iPad and other tablet computers in its wake has presented Amazon's Kindle with some serious problems. How can a dedicated e-reader hope to compete with devices that work as e-readers but also let you do much more?

Amazon has tried lowering the price, making a big thing of the fact that the Kindle's screen is readable in direct sunlight, and of course by being more than just an e-reader. It also supports basic black and white games. Score.

The first paid Kindle game, EA Mobile's Scrabble, went live just a few weeks ago, and now we have the first independent Kindle game. Triple Town, by Spry Fox, is a match-three puzzler in which you bring together the components of a town – three flowers make a bush, three bushes make a tree, and so on.

According to the product description, it also involves having to “outwit evil barbarians and wizards who will try to block your progress.”

Triple Town is available now for Kindle 2 and Kindle 3, and it costs $2.99. As with EA's Scrabble and Solitaire, the game is only available in the US at the time of writing.