[Update] Square Enix won't fix The World Ends With You's game-breaking iOS 8 bug

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[Update] Square Enix won't fix The World Ends With You's game-breaking iOS 8 bug
Updated on February 3rd, at 8:59: Looks like all hope is not lost. Touch Arcade got in touch with Square Enix, who told the site that a fix is still in the works.

SE "said that the update was proving more complex than they had originally anticipated. They can't provide an exact date when the update will be made available, but it will in no uncertain terms be getting patched".

Pitchforks down, for now, everyone.

Original story follows…


Square Enix will not fix a bug that renders The World Ends With You completely unplayable on iOS 8 devices, according to a support email posted on Reddit.

User chupwn asked Square if it would fix the bug, and the publisher replied that "unfortunately we have been notified that this title will not be receving an update to be compatable with iOS 8 and forward".

"For this we and the development team deeply apologise".

Square recommends you ask Apple for a refund if you purchased the £13.49 / $18.99 (£14.99 / $20.99 on iPad) game recently. Otherwise, you're SOL.

The App Store description for the game still teases a resolution, stating that SE is "currently investigating the matter. We humbly ask for your patience and understanding until the issue is resolved."

We've contacted Square Enix ourselves for confirmation.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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