Catch a glimpse of Braid creator's new puzzle adventure game The Witness

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Catch a glimpse of Braid creator's new puzzle adventure game The Witness
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During last night's PS4 event, Braid creator Jonathan Blow took to the stage to reveal the first gameplay trailer of The Witness, his new open-world puzzler.

A far cry from the 2D platforming of Blow's celebrated XBLA hit, The Witness is a first-person exploration puzzle-adventure in development for PS4 and iPad.

All the action in The Witness takes place on an single island, which, while not huge (you can run from one shore to the other in just over a minute), is packed with enough puzzles to keep you occupied for around 25 hours.

According to Blow, who has been working on The Witness with his studio Thekla Inc. for three and a half years, the game has been designed to be completely free of "filler and repetition".

The Witness is loosely inspired by classic adventure games such as Myst, though the Braid creator hopes to put his stamp on the adventure genre by making The Witness all about "that leap your mind makes when you instantly go from confusion to understanding".

Despite Blow not confirming a release date for The Witness, the dev team is reportedly nearing the end of production on it. This is one iPad game that's definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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