The Room developer Barry Meade: 'our plans for global insignificance were ruined'

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The Room developer Barry Meade: 'our plans for global insignificance were ruined'
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Pocket Gamer's sister site has just published a long and fascinating interview with Barry Meade of Fireproof Studios.

Fireproof's The Room 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful BAFTA-winning The Room, and it's coming out in December.

Here are some key quotes from the Fireproof interview.

On frustrated ambition: "When [The Room] took off on release it truly shocked us - all our plans for global insignificance were ruined." On suits: "The idea that creative entertainment is about giving people what they want is a mostly bogus ideology driven by execs often out of touch with gamers and who are not in it to please their audience, whereas we see our entire future wrapped up in that single idea." On quality: "If you look at our user reviews, probably 50 or 60 percent of them say the game is too short. But 90 percent who say that give the game 5 stars. That means we not only got our calculations right, we got it bullseye." On the gap between effort and success: "It's gone from a yawning gap to an abyss and these developers now find themselves adrift in a tiny row boat with an ocean of vast waves looming over them." On a creative drought in mobile: "Everything is short-termism, a gold rush - either copy the leaders or go home, that's the message." On galling sudden success: "... we went from a studio barely turning profit to one that made more money in four days than we had in the previous four years."

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Note: This story originally carried the headline, "The Room developer Barry Meade: 'We got it bullseye'". It was pointed out to us after the story went live that the headline presented a quote out of context so as to unreasonably present the subject as arrogant. We agreed, and so we've changed it.
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