Shadowgun: DeadZone finally gains App Store approval

Highway to the DeadZone

Shadowgun: DeadZone finally gains App Store approval

You just can't keep a good third-person shooter down.

After initially rejecting iOS game Shadowgun: DeadZone, Apple's App Store approval team has finally given Madfinger's blast-'em-up the green light. So, yes, this means the game is now available for iPhone and iPad.

According to Madfinger CEO Mark Rabas, there were some "issues" with the iOS version of the team's multiplayer Shadowgun spin-off. These issues have evidently been resolved. Obviously.

Though the Czech developer remained tight-lipped regarding the specifics of said issues, there was speculation that The Big A had taken issue with the name of one of the weapons in Shadowgun: DeadZone. That weapon is rather delightfully named the "ShitStorm".

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By the by, we are delighted to report, then, that Shadowgun: DeadZone is now live on both the App Store and Google Play. It's even made it through the App Store approval process with its rude shooter name intact.

With both iOS and Android versions now available, mobile Shadowgun: DeadZone gamers will be able to engage in cross-platform battles featuring up to 12 players.

Once you've downloaded the free Shadowgun: DeadZone app, you'll find two modes (Deathmatch and Zone Control) to get stuck into, ten characters to master, and oodles of guns to choose from.