Plunderland sails into iPad waters

Pirates 'n’'pillaging goes universal

Plunderland sails into iPad waters
| Plunderland

Avast, ye scurvy iPadlovers! Every seadog’s favourite iPhone game, Plunderland, has now been made into a universal app, which means none o’ ye need pay a single piece o’ eight more for the thrill of sailing the high seas on iPad.

Putting the rubbish pirate talk to one side for a moment, Plunderland puts you in command of a ship filled with vicious (well, cartoony) pirates, with the goal of pillaging native villages and the crown’s own troops.

Sailing high

It blew Tracy down when it was released for the iPhone earlier in the year, managing to wrestle a Pocket Gamer Silver award from the governor before sailing into the sunset.

He said: "Plunderland is energetic pirating at your fingertips, a high seas adventure with charm and originality."

Plunderland is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad £1.79, $2.99 or €2.39.

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