Prepare to dive through the gravity-turning dark world of fast-paced platformer Naught 2

Deeper and darker

Prepare to dive through the gravity-turning dark world of fast-paced platformer Naught 2
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Naught was noteworthy for its stylish black-and-white visuals and its tilt / gravity platformer mechanics. You also played as a cat. Because, well, why not?

Naught was, of course, released two years ago. Since then, Blue Shadow Games has been working on Naught 2, which looks set to be an improvement on the original in just about every way imaginable.

For starters, Naught 2 boasts increased speed and fluidity of movement. It's so much faster, in fact, that the camera has been 'pushed' back so you can see more of the level.

To help players adapt to this increased challenge, both accelerometer controls and virtual buttons are available.

Furthermore, there are now procedurally generated animations for Naught (the cat). Sticking to walls, sliding down shafts, and adapting its walking pose are all straightforward movements for this feline now.

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Naught 2's dark world has more alien foliage, flailing tentacles, and dragons to dodge than its precursor, too.

Blue Shadow isn't willing to commit to a release date for Naught 2 on iOS and Android, but it should be out soon. Only the first chapter will be available at first, with a second chapter being worked on as I type. So get your £1.49 / $1.99 ready to make a purchase.

The first chapter contains three zones (with more than 30 levels) and three bonus levels. There's also a time trial mode for the speedrunners, and plenty of hidden secrets to unlock Naught's memories.
Blue Shadow also mentioned its intention to get Naught 2 on to PS Vita at some point in the future, too.

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