Brutal one-button platformer Mr Jump racks up 5 million downloads in a week

The new Flappy Bird?

Brutal one-button platformer Mr Jump racks up 5 million downloads in a week
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A brutally difficult, devilishly simple platformer called Mr Jump is tearing up the App Store charts, with an impressive five million downloads in a week and five figure profits every day - according to TechCrunch.

The game comes from Bicolor, On/Off, and Mr Flap developer 1Button, and is like a super stripped back Rayman Jungle Run. The titular Señor Jump runs by himself, and you just have to tap or hold the screen to do a small or big leap.

There are no checkpoints, so you have to do each level in one nail-bitingly tense run. And while you might be able to get through the first level on your first attempt, subsequent stages will take many goes and determined pattern memorisation.

Mr Jump

"As gamers ourselves, we are not really into these pay-to-win models," Mr Jump co-creator Jérémie Francone told TC. "They kind of ruin the experience".

So instead of checkpoints, continues, or power-ups, the only things you can buy are keys to skip to the next level if you get really stuck, and the option to turn off pop-up adverts between attempts.

The only question now is whether this game will have the staying power of the last painfully-difficult phenomenon, Flappy Bird. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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