New balls please! Luxor is back

Luxor 2 offers more ball-firing fun on your phone

New balls please! Luxor is back
| Luxor 2

RealArcade is readying the release of Luxor 2, the follow-up to its spiffing Luxor puzzle game, which we praised to the hilt last year.

The gameplay is still focused on the same basic concept: shoot coloured balls at lines of other coloured balls to make clusters of three or more, which then disappear. The balls snake along the screen towards pyramids, and if they reach them, it's game over.

It's still a bit (well, a lot) like fellow historical ball-lobber Zuma, then. But that's no bad thing if Luxor 2 can build on the joy of its predecessor.

The omens are good. RealArcade is promising new bonus levels, nine new power-ups, and 30 levels to play spread across three lush environments, in two game modes.

Luxor 2 is due out later this month: click 'Track It!' for an alert when we review it.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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