Epic Games reveals iPhone and iPad brawler Project Sword

Multiplayer fighter features jaw-dropping graphics

Epic Games reveals iPhone and iPad brawler Project Sword
| Infinity Blade

Confirming rumours, Epic Games today announced the development of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad fighting game Project Sword.

The codenamed title is being built exclusively for Apple devices using a modified version of Epic Games's popular Unreal Engine 3.

It's being developed by Chair, who made the Shadow Complex XBLA game.

Raging beauty

Unsurprisingly, the graphics are astounding.

In a demonstration during Apple's press conference, producer Donald Mustard assured the audience that the jaw-dropping visuals, as he ran around an immersive mediaeval town, were running in real-time.

While much of the focus was on wowing the audience with snazzy graphics, some gameplay was shown in brief too.

In terms of the multiplayer options via Game Center, this involved a head-to-head battle with Mustard squaring off against Epic Games CEO Mike Capps, pitting his small armoured knight against Capps's hulking monster.

It's hard to glean much from the short battle - notably whether it was real-time or turn-based (we reckon the latter), but based on the presentation this is one game to watch.

It was also mentioned that there would be two control methods: a simple casual option where you drag moves onto your character, and a hardcore gesture-based option.

Project Sword will be available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad this holiday season.