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Clash of Minions

Developer: IGG
Publisher: IGG
| Available on: iOS + Android

About Clash of Minions

The darkness has returned to Petra. Do you have what it takes to change its fate?
The heroes of the seven factions have turned to you to lead their armies into battle. Restore light and justice to Petra!

[Game Features]

***Enjoy Casual Gameplay at Your Own Pace
Forget about grinding and easily collect rewards with a single tap!

***Turn the Tide with Tactics
Make good use of counters and formations to swing the battle in your favor!

***Explore Randomized Mazes
Explore mazes with multiple branching routes and a variety of fun and exciting features!

***Experience Epic Battles with Seven Factions
Each hero has their own unique skills. Experiment with different hero and troop combinations to defeat strong foes!