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Available on: iOS + Android

About Slay the Beat

Do you have what it takes to defend our Neon-Cyber Earth from an Alien bots' invasion?
Challenge yourself in this super innovative musical roguelike game!

Clear the Earth from Alien cyborgs with the flow of the rhythm. Bring your clones to the battle, attack and defend with the beats and feel the music to succeed. Use rhythmic patterns to prioritize your targets and try to stun your enemies for extra damage. Unleash all your power with a special attack that will crush your opponents!
Choose the right path on our procedurally generated maps and select the correct items' sets that will lead you to Victory!

How to Play

1. Tap in sync with the music beats to Attack
2. Draw-hold a | gesture and release in sync with the beats to Defend
3. Draw special patterns to switch enemy targets
4. Draw 3 times the same pattern to stun an enemy
5. Draw-hold a Z gesture and release in sync with the beats to Unleash your special Skill

Game Features

- 100% FREE game with NO ADS
- 100% Offline game
- Destroy chests in battle to get more rewards!
- Equip and upgrade powerful modules to prep your runs!
- Face mighty cyborgs’ bosses!
- Customize your clones!
- Collect items of the same set to get the most of them!
- Unlock all the achievements!
- Collect your daily rewards!
- Re-calibrate the game any time you want to get the best experience!