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Odie's Dimension II

Available on: Android

About Odie's Dimension II

Ever played games like Threes, Twenty 48 Solitaire, Monument Valley, Two dots, hocus, Patternz, The Room, Evo explores etc. well, much like these puzzle games, Odie's Dimension combines both the Brain tasking puzzles of each of them with a beautiful game environment. Much like Monument valley and Evo explores, there are multiple impossible geometry and unbelievable paths to follow. Odie's Dimension is an isometric puzzle game, designed to task and develop your IQ/Brain. in Odie's Dimension trust your eyes, if you a path seems walkable, it is. Finn is Lost in an Unusual place known as Odie's Dimension, nobody makes it out alive from here and especially not alone, luckily though, finn's got you!!...Guide Finn through Odie's Dimension in his quest to find home, solve puzzles along the way and discover new paths to follow. This game is inspired by Monument Valley, Evo explores, Daregon, hocus, Threes, Patternz, The Room etc.