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Publisher: Airapport
| Available on: iOS + Android


Build incredible steampunk machines, spin cogwheels, launch balloons, mine for ore and empower your awesome contraption. The machines will produce money to spend on building even more powerful machines. And once you reach the limit, you can build a portal to repeat your adventure from the start or to travel to other steampunk, dieselpunk or gaslight fantasy worlds and explore them.

This incremental game is all about exploration, invention and mad science. Your story begins in a workshop and all what you have is a machine, which produces coins for rotating a cogwheel. Later on you'll will discover that after buying another gear and connecting it to the central pins will make the first one spin faster.

You have never seen a game like this: this is an idle game where you actually build the machines, which will bring you income. You are doing this by combining the connecting parts and discovering new machine setups. More and more ways to boost your idle earnings and active play income will appear. Steam engines will work even when the game is offline, mines produce ore, which boosts the main machine's production and vapor collector powers the balloon pumps and produces instant powerups.

Unlock 3 steampunk worlds: Workshop, Clockwork City and Floating Islands, each one with its unique buildings and strategy. Equip your factory with more than 40 various machines.