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The Virus: Cry for Help
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The Virus: Cry for Help

Publisher: popclaire UG
| Available on: iOS + Android


** Featured on the AppStore in 100+ Countries! **
The Virus is about a fictitious call for help.
A whole city belongs to the dead and a devastating virus turns people into mindless monsters. Hanna's a survivor and right now she's fighting for her life... and you receive her call for help.

Use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to communicate with Hanna. Help her and maybe it's enough to save her and even everyone else.

You decide the course of the adventure - in real time. Hanna will frequently send you text messages: in the app, via push notification, or to your Apple Watch. You can directly answer the push-messages or via your Apple Watch, without starting the app. Just casually play the story - any time - in real time.

Your answers can change everything. Trivial decisions may have astonishing impact on the story's course. This tale will stay exciting till the very end and how it'll end is in YOUR hands. Hanna needs YOUR help.

No ads, no internet connection required.
You can play the story for free until a certain point. If you like what we did, support us and buy the full version.

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