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Publisher: Shane McCafferty
| Available on: iOS

About Alphapit

"The gameplay is slick and rewarding, and not afraid to kick you in the face if you're not paying attention." - Pocket Gamer

"I’ve gone through a ton of word games since I’ve picked up my first iPhone, but AlphaPit is a real gem." - App Advice

"Great, time consuming, app for the word nuts out there that miss Bookworm." - User review

Tap to raise letters. Hold to lower them. Work your way through the alphabet to build the biggest and best words you can -- but don’t leave any tiles lonely!

“Shane McCafferty’s best word game yet, and I should know.” - Shane McCafferty

From the creator of Word Forward, the challenging word puzzle game with more than a million downloads, comes AlphaPit -- a new word game about depth and loneliness. Cycle through the alphabet to remove tiles by spelling words, but be careful not to abandon any tiles on their own. You’ll need to use every last time if you want to solve the puzzle.

- WORDS: AlphaPit knows words. AlphaPit has the best words.
- BOMBS: If you can’t win by smarts, you’ll have to win by force.
- TIME TRAVEL: Not really. But there’s an undo button.
- LONELINESS: Letters need friends too. Don’t leave them alone.

If you’ve grown bored of Boggle, scrapped shamelessly with Scrabble players, and aged out of the Junior Jumble, AlphaPit is here to spell out a new word for you: C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-E.

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