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Developer: Multiple Codes (iPad)   +   Multiple Codes (iPhone)
Publisher: Multiple Codes (iPad)   +   Multiple Codes (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS

About LetterHero

LetterHero – Heroic Word Building

Are you a word game aficionado? Do you enjoy showing off your vocabulary and spelling skills? Download LetterHero today (it’s F-R-E-E), and find out if your word-building skills are truly epic!

A round of LetterHero takes only a few minutes. Play at the bus stop, on the train, standing in line, or before a meeting. You’ll need a strong vocabulary, impeccable spelling, lightning-fast reflexes – and even some luck! – to spell high-scoring words before time runs out.

Yes, even LUCK: To make LetterHero truly unpredictable, we’ve included random power-ups that will keep you on your toes; some of them can help you by slowing down time or giving you a free letter—but others will mess with your mind by speeding up time or turning everything upside down! Remember to power up at your own risk!

Key Features:

· Unique word-building gameplay with scrolling letters; think Guitar Hero with letters instead of colors!
· Beautiful art style and fun sound effects
· Crazy power-ups that make every game totally unpredictable
· SuperHero themed - Achievements plus Facebook and Twitter sharing
· In-game dictionary with millions of words in English, Russian, German, French and Spanish

Download it for FREE today!

Contact developer at [email protected] with any questions and suggestions.

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