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Crushin' Robots NYC

Developer: Falling Objects Entertainment
| Available on: iOS

About Crushin' Robots NYC

Crazy angry robots are invading a New York City apartment building and you, a lone construction worker, must fend off their attacks!

Do you have what it takes to defend the city? Find out for FREE!

Defend New York against the robot army with wrenches, cement bags, propane tanks, helicopters and a bunch of other super cool WEAPONS and TOOLS:

* Auto/Rapid Fire Nail gun for quick spray shooting
* Exploding Propane Tanks to turn bots into scrap heaps
* Cinderblocks to crush bots vertically
* Dynamite for massive robot explosion
* Wrecking Balls for major robot destruction
* Wet Cement for defense against the bots
* High Voltage Box for absolute electric annihilation
* Street Sweepers
* Cement Trucks
* Police Cars
* Helicopters
* Bomb dropping Speed Boats


* Grunt Robot
* Fast Robot
* Drill Robot
* Flying Robot
* Rocket Robot
* Grapple Robot
* Mama Robot
* Baby Robot
* Wobbly Robot
* Protector Robot


* Incredibly intuitive game controls, allowing you to pinpoint attacks, scroll through weapons, access the weapons shop, pause and resume game with ease
* Upgradeable weapons give you a better defense the more you game
* Unlockable robot army gallery gives you stats on bots for defense strategy
* Toggle Tutorial Mode on for a first-time break down of the game
* Awesome Retro Game Music Track/Sounds can be toggled on/off
* Rich iPhone 6 Retina Display Graphics (mostly so we can squeeze in more robots)
* Universal Support for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches
* Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
* Localized in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean, so you can smash those bots from all around the world!
* Tons and tons of robots! Did we mention that?

If you're a fan of castle defense games, retro arcade games, war games, robots or games in general, or even a newcomer to games, Crushin' Robots - NYC will get you hooked while providing loads of fun! Perfect for any age, Crushin' Robots NYC lets all players develop TD strategy with weapons and defense to give those army robots a good crushing!


"Like tower defense but with a bit more control. Easy to learn and love those helicopters..." - 5 Stars

"… A ten star game if I could rate it that much." - 5 Stars

"Really fun game with a great feeling of destruction." - 5 Stars

"So fun!" - 5 stars