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Publisher: The9
| Available on: iOS


Are you bored of the changeless interface of twitter? Do you want to have more interaction with your twitter friends? Do you want to refresh your twitter time line while playing a mobile game? Now, you have a new choice – TweetHeroes!

“TweetHeroes”, the first twitter client with SNS game integrated, finally comes to App Store! It is based on the iOS platform and has all the functionalities provided by twitter, amazingly combined with the most popular game from the9. You will play as a patron saint of the ancient China coming down from the heaven -- Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Linnet and Black Tortoise. In the process of continual self-cultivation, you can make good friends, train your immortal troop, get ancient famous general and finally to conquer and dominate the world!

As the first twitter client with SNS game functionality integrated, “TweetHeroes” could make you be the hero “coming back to future” in one second. Only one light tap, it could be switched between twitter and game. When you feel bored to refresh your twitter, just go to play the game for a while, it won’t take too long to have interesting tweets pop up in your timeline.

Want to challenge the web celebrity you’ve followed? “TweetHeroes” can make it happen instantly. You can play with people you’ve never met, and the game could make the interaction more closely. The game could let you build up powerful troop to rewrite the mysterious history of ancient China.

The game’s simple and elegant Chinese-style interface will absolutely bring refreshing feelings to you. The newly designed Q-version Chinese ancient generals are vivid and lovely, plus the exaggerated and funny combat skills, it will definitely make your gaming atmosphere more pleasure and relaxing.

You’ll be galloping across the battlefield of ancient China, challenging in the classic ancient battle provided by the system one after another, there’re plenty of missions for you to complete. By using the built-in twitter interface, you can easily share your game experience and what you’ve learn from battles to increase your experience and money.

For more information, please visit:!/TweetHeroesSG

As the latest product of the serial, “TweetHeroes” not only fills the gap of SNS game on mobile-version of twitter, but also is a product combining all the merits from others in the serial.