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Developer: Staring Man (iPhone)
| Available on: iOS


Pools of Blood is a hands-on kind of tower defense game set to the thumping sounds of Set Fire to the Hive, by progressive rock outfit Karnivool.

In most tower defence games you have to set up defences, fiddle with traps, or line up troops. In Pools of Blood you cut straight to the chase and crush your attackers under your finger like a mighty cross between Godzilla and Gandalf. With game modes that provide fast and furious action or more sedate options, Pools of Blood supports a range of play styles.

While the basics are simple, the game gets more interesting as you protect your "unsullied tower" bonus, you spread the carnage to build your "paint the town red" score, and bust multi-squish combos to really rack up the points. Use the ability to create shockwaves with near misses to send Orcs flying and set up those killer combos. As your score soars you can see it stack up against players around the world with our live-score progress bar.

* Fast and finger-tapping gameplay
* Three game modes, ranging from relaxing to relentless
* String multi-squish combos together to rack up big scores
* Strategically tap near Orcs to send them flying into just the right formation
* Live progress bar shows your current achievement against your personal best and players around the world
* Splatter engine helps you paint the town red
* Excellent stress management; Squish Orcs like bubble wrap
* Music by Karnivool
* An orcstandingly fun game

About the Band:
Karnivool is a Western Australian indie rock band and their latest album, Sound Awake, has already gone Gold in Australia and been nominated for a prestigious Album of the Year J Award from Australia's leading alternative and youth station, Triple J. Sound Awake will be released in the US shortly and the first single lifted from the album is Set Fire to the Hive, the awesome track featured right here in Pools of Blood.