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Dungeon Rushers review - A dungeon crawler done just right

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| Dungeon Rushers
Dungeon Rushers review - A dungeon crawler done just right
| Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers is a game of "rushing" into "dungeons." It's also one of the most accomplished and interesting dungeon crawlers I've played in a good long while.

Every decent idea it has seems to hit home. It's brilliantly written, it's well designed, and it pushes you to dive head first into the subterranean lairs that it presents you with.

On top of all that it works really well on mobile. The controls are slick, the action is frenetic but never overwhelming, and you're going to enjoy every moment you spend with the game in the palm of your hand.


The game doesn't pull its punches when it comes to the narrative drive of the main characters. It's greed, pure and simple. Leg it into caverns and cellars, grab whatever you can, get out alive.

It makes for a refreshing change, and allows for a rich seam of comedy to thread its way through the whole experience.

The game takes place in two basic frameworks. First there's the actual crawling through the dungeons. Here you're tapping through a boardgame-style set of tiles that reveal themselves as you move.

Sometimes the tiles will be empty, sometimes they'll have traps or other events you'll need to deal with. And sometimes they'll have monsters on them.

When you uncover a monster tile it's time for a scrap. The action moves into a side-on representation of your characters and the monsters you're butting heads against.

Each of your avarice-riddler adventurers has a set of moves they can use. These pop up when it's their turn, and you drag them to their target to unleash them.

It all combines together to make an enthralling experience. You're mashing skeletons with dwarven hammers, disarming traps, and risking life and limb to find out what's in that slightly dodgy looking chest.

Each level also features meta challenges. So there's a reason to delve back into completed dungeons to try and finish them off with all of the possible rewards.

Fools do rush in

Dungeon Rushers might have a slightly generic name, but other than that it's a brilliant example of a sarcastic and endearing adventure done right.

There's so much content to sink your teeth into here that you're likely to spend weeks jumping into it. And I reckon that's a perfectly worthwhile way of wasting a good chunk of your life.

Dungeon Rushers review - A dungeon crawler done just right

A brilliant dungeon crawler that just makes sense on mobile. Give it a try, give it a try right now
Harry Slater
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