Buy a mobile game: win some diamonds!

Diamond Detective promises real-life bling if you win

Buy a mobile game: win some diamonds!
| Diamond Detective

We've covered Diamond Detective before: RealArcade's puzzler that sees you swapping gems to catch criminals. But now we've got more details on the game's spin-off online competition, which is pretty exciting.

First, though, the game. It involves creating and removing chains of gemstones against the clock, winning clues along the way to find the pesky thieves who nicked them in the first place. Why they've left them lying around in matchable piles is beyond us, of course.

But check the competition: billed as an online diamond hunt, it requires playing through the mobile game and getting hints at the end of levels about the location of stolen gems.

You then log on to the Diamond Detective website and enter the competition using these codes. What are the prizes? Over €15,000's worth of diamonds (that's £10,700 to us Euro-shunning Brits).

The competition has kicked off already and will run until mid-2008. RealArcade is also offering a demo version of Diamond Detective from the same website, to get you started.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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