AQ Interactive announces 3D-less 3DS game Cubic Ninja

Puzzle platformer will use gyrometer instead

AQ Interactive announces 3D-less 3DS game Cubic Ninja
| Cubic Ninja

Japanese developer AQ Interactive has announced that it will release the first Nintendo 3DS game that doesn't utilise the handheld's 3D features.

Action-puzzler Cubic Ninja will instead take advantage of the console's gyroscope, reports Inside Games (helpfully translated by Siliconera).

The game will involve tilting the 3DS to move a small platforming ninja around a variety of tough obstacle-laden environments.

There will be over 100 stages, divided up into elemental hazards like water, fire, and wind.

It'll also come with a level editor for creating your own puzzles and then sharing them online for your friends to try.

The game is set for release in Japan on April 7th, and later in the year for North America. No European release has been announced.