Bedtime Digital Games are bringing their most recent puzzle game, Figment: Journey into the Mind, over to iOS on 28th November. You might be familiar with their previous work Back to Bed and Chronology where they've shown a penchant for the surreal.

Figment is no different, it takes place inside the human mind and looks to explore concepts based on the left and right-hand parts of the brain. There are two broad locations in Figment dedicated to each half, the Freedom Isles' puzzles are focused on the right, requiring more lateral thinking. Meanwhile, the Clockwork Town represents the left and has puzzles with more logical solutions.

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It's an interesting concept and it's all presented with a lovely hand-drawn art style, with wildly varied looking environments and an array of pretty floating islands you've come to expect in dreamlike worlds. It's not all puzzles either, there are action elements in Figment too, with enemies to bash and obstacles to dodge.

The reason for doing all this is that, after years of being quiet, the mind is suddenly plagued by nightmarish thoughts that manifest themselves as monsters. So it's the main character Dusty's job to help the mind face its fears, accompanied by his avian friend Piper.

The game has previously been released on PC and consoles where it's been received pretty well, so hopefully, this iOS port of Figment successfully manages to recreate the experience. It will have full controller support on launch too, which is always great to see.

Whilst the game itself is a premium title you will be able to play the first two chapters for free, so you'll be able to decide if it's something you're interested with no commitment. Figment will be available on the App Store on 28th November for $4.99/£4.99.

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