There's a chance you might remember Renegade Racing if you were ever the type of person to sneakily play games during IT lessons at school. You see, it started life on sites like Miniclip and has been played over 180 million times since initial release. Now it's heading to both iOS and Android on November 13th.

For those who behaved in school and are unaware of Renegade Racing, it's a side-scrolling racing game featuring a plethora of crazy vehicles and gravity-defying tracks. You'll be able to race through missions in monster trucks, forklifts, police cars and even an ice cream truck.

All of these vehicles can be upgraded to so that you have the best chance of winning the 1v5 races you'll be competing in. The focus isn't solely about how effectively you can drive though, it's about how daring you can be without crashing and burning. Performing various stunts as you race along will improve your turbo speed, so the more flips and wheelies you can do, the faster you'll go.

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There's a wide variety to the track design as well. It won't just be standard racing tracks, though you'll probably have guessed that at this point, seeing as you have the option to drive and perform stunts in a double-decker bus. You'll compete on everything from a dockyard to icy mountain trails and even the fiery Devil's Island.

There'll be numerous hazards littered throughout the courses that will look to stop your chaotic racing efforts. Shipping containers, avalanches and spikes are some of the more standard obstacles that will impede your progress while you'll also have giant icicle fans and caves with stalagmite and stalactite teeth to contend with.

Renegade Racing will be available on the App Store and Google Play on 13th November. You can pre-register on the latter now too if you'd like. It will be a free-to-play game. 

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