The upcoming Detective Pikachu film got a new trailer today, giving us a unique glimpse at the first ever live-action Pokemon movie. Many different Pokemon from throughout the years get some screen time, and it’s our chance to see Ryan Reynolds in the starring role as Detective Pikachu himself.

The trailer transports us to a world where humans and Pokemon live together in harmony, and the set is jam-packed with assorted artifacts from the Pokemon video games in a nice little bit of fan-service for series devotees.

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Naturally the trailer could prove divisive among fans. It looks like the movie is giving Pokemon a more realistic look. Pikachu has copious fur, while Mr. Mime is . . . a little too human. Still, the trailer is full of humor and there’s some good writing in there, so we’re excited to see how this turns out.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019.

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