Command and Conquer: Rivals, a free to play spinoff of the iconic real-time strategy series, finally has a worldwide release date.

You might already know that the game soft-launched all the way back in June. Since then, EA Mobile has been amassing all that nice and helpful player feedback, with the aim of reworking and improving the game.

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Rivals is heading into a fairly tricky - and yet extremely lucrative - real-time strategy market, with dominant forces like Clash of Clans still making money hand over fist.

Perhaps EA's effort could set itself apart by being extra competitive, and that does seem to be the way that the company is going with it. Rivals will get its own community tournaments and championships – basically a full EA-style competitive programme.

Having initially been super sceptical about Rivals, it's actually looking like it could well turn out to be a pretty darn fine strategy game. So, if you fancy playing this one ahead of launch, there's still time to register on the game's website.

And if you do manage to get into the alpha release, you can expect to be gifted a nice little bundle of in-game items when the game launches worldwide on December 4th for iOS and Android.