Last month we found out that the highly anticipated city builder, Pocket City, was headed to iOS and Android on July 31st. Well, the day is here, we've not been disappointed, and you can grab it on the App Store or Google Play for £4.99/$4.99 right now.

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As the city's rather unqualified new mayor, it's up to you to build up your city as best as you can. Between residential, industrial, and commercial zones, keeping people happy is a harder task than you'd originally think.

Of course, you can throw in a couple of lovely parks and recreational areas, but you'll also have crime to deal with too. The more it grows, the more you'll unlock for your city, including lands and terrain types and more advanced buildings.

I mentioned it before, but I'll say it again - I'm super stoked about getting a city builder that isn't going to be riddled with IAPs or wait times. Plus with quests and offline play, it'll be great to have on hand for those few minute sessions waiting in a coffee line or hopping on a bus.

Bear in mind at the moment, at least based on a handful of Android reviews, that there may be a small issue with crashing. It's nothing that a hasty update won't fix, mind you.