Campfire Cooking is a grid-based puzzler which keeps your attention and makes you hungry at the same time.

It may look simple at first glance, but there's a real, deep strategy here which forces you to take it slow and figure out the pattern of each level.

It's not a particularly long game, and it doesn't have much to bring you back once you've completed all of the tasks it sets you, but the ride's enjoyable while you're on it.

Fire hazard

The game sees you following a family on their camping trip, helping them cook their food, and listening to them exchange stories.

You've got to get everything on the grid cooking without burning your marshmallows, so you need to shuffle or flip things over accordingly.

The game eases you in with some basic puzzles that let you explore the primary methods of skewer-cooking. Each time you reach the next set of levels you'll get a new mechanic to work with.

The skewers can move forward, backwards, and side-to-side. The sticks can be rotated if there's enough room. The tiny, metal pots have to be jostled into place. You get the idea.

It's not until you reach the third level that you really see the game come to life. The grids give you limited space to work with, and some of the solutions really do make you scratch your head.

If you make a wrong move or burn your marshmallow you can go back a few steps or restart the whole challenge. If you're completely stuck you'll have access to a hint, but figuring out what you need to do is half the fun.

The puzzles aren't so challenging that you'll cry and throw your device across the room, but they're difficult enough that you'll feel rather smug once you ace the solution.

Audio-wise, the sound effects are crisp and clean, and while the music loops it's not distracting enough to break your concentration. There's something deeply satisfying about hearing the crackling sizzle as your food comes up to temperature.

There's no word of extra puzzles coming to the game or the possibility of daily challenges, so at the moment what you see is what you get. The 100+ challenges will keep you busy but once it's done there's no need to come back to it.

Sizzling feast

There's something wonderful about Campfire Cooking. From the simple but gorgeous visuals to the challenge of each new mechanic, it really gets you thinking.

Just when you feel like it's getting too much you're pulled into a humorous cutscene and led back into the next set of puzzles refreshed.

It's unique, quirky, fun, and definitely worth the asking price.