We've spoken of Link Twin on a number of occasions: initially when we learned of it, again after its entry at Gamescom's Big Indie Pitch, and now as it takes second place at Pocket Gamer Connects' Very Big Indie Pitch.

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Link Twin is a wonderfully stylistic puzzler in which you play as a pair of twins. As they're connected, the twins move simultaneously, so it's up to that big brain of yours to figure out how to use the environment around you to get your twins to the markers and continue on to the next level.

There're five stages - each one representing one of the stages of grief for these unfortunate children, though we don't yet know what the cause of their grief is. Having stated 'we were happy until they left' in the trailer suggests that perhaps their parents may have met an untimely end.

As the stages continue, the puzzles get more challenging and more mechanics become apparent as the time goes on. There're over 200 levels and 20 chapters to lose yourself in, and, boy, are we so excited to see the end result of the game.

Congratulations again to Link Twin for coming in a swift second place in Pocket Gamer Connects' Very Big Indie Pitch. We can't wait to see more.