Updated on September 1 at 17:29: Lumines: Puzzle & Music is out right now on iOS and Android.

Lumines: Puzzle & Music is a game people have been waiting a while for. Though most of us will have to wait a little longer at least it finally soft launched today in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Originally released for the PlayStation Portable, Lumines: Puzzle & Music follows a similar structure on mobile as its console counterpart. Combining music and puzzle, you need swipe and tap the screen to align the Lumine blocks and match colours to clear (and match the beat of the music).

Of course, Lumines' previous success ten years ago makes it a tough act to follow. With a couple of attempts to reinvent the game having flopped, to hear that a new title would be coming to iOS and Android this summer was tinted with bitter-sweet emotions.

However fans are still more than excited about Lumines: Puzzle & Music's full release (hopefully) around September. Until then the game is currently available for $4.49 on iTunes and Google Play. Even if you don't live in one of the stated countries, follow our guide here on how to play soft launched games.

We'll update this page when more news is available.