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Midnight Star has received an enormous content update that includes new guns, weapon customisations, and player attributes.

The new blasters include a shotgun, rifle, and sniper rifle and each has a typically dramatic name - The Leveler, Crystal Carbine, and Vengeance respectively.

You can customise these and the rest of your arsenal with over 80 new weapon skins and packs. Channel Fallout with the Apocolyptic pack, Splatoon with the Toy Gun pack, or forests in space with the, er, Space Forest pack.

Multiplayer has received something of an overhaul with new rules, pro options, and a playable challenge map, Gardens of Time.

There's also a new RPG-style player attribute system that allows you to apply upgrades and tune your character to match your playstyle.

Rounding out this sizeable update is unlimited loadout energy, weapons and shield upgrades to level ten, headshots no longer requiring targeting, and, the most exciting, a new App Store icon.

For more information (and there's lots more) head on over to the official website.

Or go straight to the App Store [download] to get Midnight Star with all the new trimmings right now.

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